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clic.com.my was established to provide Malaysians with comprehensive and focused evaluations of products, businesses, and services available in the country. Our primary objective is to simplify the decision-making process for Malaysian consumers.

Our aim is to earn the believe of Malaysians seeking in-depth reviews and reliable information. We meticulously sort through numerous options to curate the finest choices in the nation.

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Our personnel possess a diverse range of interests and areas of expertise. However, what unites us is our shared conviction as local inhabitants to secure the optimal value for our currency which is Ringgit Malaysia that we spend.


How we make sustain?

Clic Malaysia is entirely funded by our audience through the commissions generated from our affiliate links. Hence, when you click on links on our website, we earn revenue.

We firmly believe in the importance of unbiased and impartial reviews. Therefore, we do not engage in the sale of reviews. Our evaluations are based solely on diligent research and analysis, and we present both the advantages and disadvantages of the services or products we appraise. We prioritize maintaining our credibility by upholding our standards of hard work and thorough investigation.


How do we review?

Our primary objective is to simplify the lives of Malaysian consumers by offering dependable and credible reviews. Therefore, we conduct thorough research to produce our content.

In our pursuit of identifying the most exceptional products and services in the country, we invest countless hours in market research. We scrutinize the data we acquire to ascertain the most talked-about items.

To guarantee the reliability of our evaluations, we have devised a review guide that covers all essential aspects. This approach enables us to provide insightful answers to crucial questions, facilitating informed purchasing decisions.