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Guide on posting Classifieds Ad Helps

How to Post FREE Classifieds Ads
Here is a step by step guide to help you to create an account and to start posting your classifieds ads.
Step 1 - You need to be a member of clic.com.my.
Step 2 - Log-in
Step 3 - Posting of Classifieds Ads

Step 1 - You need to be a member of clic.com.my (you only need 1 account to access the whole website)
Click here to register as a Member. Registration is Free.
Read more about our Membership Services FAQ here .

Note : Once you have submitted your application, a system generated email will email to your email address. Note that you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link when you get the e-mail before you can login. . Then, you can login to your newly created account using your defined username and password.


Step 2 - Login
Proceed to login in the login section on the left side bar.

Note : Icon size will be resize to (80x80) px while Image size will be resize to (300x300) px

Step 3 - Posting of Classifieds Ads
(i) Proceed on to the FREE, Classifieds Advertisement. Click on the "New Ad" to post your classifieds ads.   

(ii )Select a category for your service or business.
(iii) Provide as much information on your service or business.

(iv) Upload the images / photo for your services or products if you have.

(v) Click on SAVE to post your ads.



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